This page has been created with the idea of putting all of the files that club members might need in one place. It will also, hopefully, have easy to follow instructions on how to use the files. If you have a set of actions or anything else that you think other club members would like or think there is something that needs to be added to this page please let me know.

Instructions on how to install and use the downloads can be found further down this page


  1. ISO, Fstop & Shutter Speed Chart (PDF) Courtesy Richard Price

  2. Resizing for Competitions  – Photoshop (PDF) or view the video on our resizing page

  3. Resizing for Competitions – Lightroom (PDF) or view the video on our resizing page

  4. Resizing for Competitions – Paint.NET (PDF) or view the video on our resizing page

  5. Trick Photography. Removing Objects (PDF) Courtesy of Gerry Painter (

  6. Trick Photography. Erasing Simple Backgrounds (PDF) Courtesy of Gerry Painter (

  7. Making Selections for Compositing (PDF) Courtesy of Gerry Painter (

  8. Approaching Strangers by David Cantor

  9. Fleeting Intimacies by David Cantor

  10. Further Street Photography Research by David Cantor


If the download has (PDF) after it then you will need a PDF reader to open them.

You can download and install Adobe PDF Reader by following this link.


TIP - we strongly recommend REMOVING the tick from the optional offer to install McAfee Security Scan BEFORE you click the install now button when downloading Adobe PDF Reader.