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This page has been created with the idea of putting all of the files that club members might need in one place.


  1. ISO, Fstop & Shutter Speed Chart (PDF) Courtesy Richard Price

  2. Resizing for Competitions – Photoshop (PDF) or view the video on our resizing page

  3. Resizing for Competitions – Lightroom (PDF) or view the video on our resizing page

  4. Resizing for Competitions – Paint.NET (PDF) or view the video on our resizing page

  5. Trick Photography. Removing Objects (PDF) Courtesy of Gerry Painter (

  6. Trick Photography. Erasing Simple Backgrounds (PDF) Courtesy of Gerry Painter (

  7. Making Selections for Compositing (PDF) Courtesy of Gerry Painter (

  8. Approaching Strangers by David Cantor (PDF)

  9. Fleeting Intimacies by David Cantor (PDF)

  10. Further Street Photography Research by David Cantor (PDF)

  11. David Garthwaite Presentation - Fine Art: A Workflow

  12. 2022 Club Survey (PDF)

  13. The Truth is Black & White (PDF)

  14. A Little Book on Photography (PDF)

  15. A step by step guide to light painting (PDF)

  16. A step by step guide to miniature worlds (PDF)

  17. How to shoot just about anything (PDF)

  18. Great Light Easy Light - Strobe Techniques (PDF)

  19. Light Painting Masterclass (PDF)

  20. Magnum Guide 2017 (PDF)

  21. Marketing for Photographers (PDF)

  22. Photo Composition - Taking Pictures Like a Pro

  23. Portrait Checklist (PDF)

  24. Pre-Shot Checklist (PDF)

  25. Slow - The Magic of Long Exposure Photography (PDF)

  26. Snapn Food (PDF)

  27. Ten Ways to Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear (PDF)

  28. Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos (PDF)

  29. Wedding Checklist (PDF)

  30. Fotospeed eBook Art of Printing 2022 (PDF)

  31. 10 Essential Poses (PDF)

  32. Examples of Basic Set Ups and Variations (PDF)

  33. Lighting Basics Constant Presentation (PDF)

  34. Introduction to Astrophotography by Mathew Browne (PDF)

  35. Who, What, Now - Critiquing Images (PDF)

  36. ROC 4 Judges Feedback (PDF)

  37. WCPF Competition Rules Ai Update Extract (PDF)

  38. Zen Photography The Art of Mindful Photography (PDF)

  39. Four Common Misconceptions Beginning Photographers Believe. (PDF)

  40. 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Started in Photography (PDF)

  41. Standing Out in a Crowd: Point of View and Your Images (PDF)

  42. Processing File from Kevin Pigney (PDF)


If the download has (PDF) after it, then you will need a PDF reader to open them.

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