Submission dates for the Reflex Open Competition

Competition nights at Reflex are always popular, and sure to draw a large crowd. We encourage all members to enter images - feedback on your image from a neutral judge could really help improve your photography.


Reflex Competition Season 2020-21
Dates have been agreed s follows for the ROC1-4, Themed and Shields competitions.

Comp       Entries          Judging
ROC1       24/09/20       15/10/20
ROC2       05/11/20       26/11/20
Theme     04/02/21       25/02/21
ROC3       18/03/21       08/04/21
ROC4       29/04/21       20/05/21
Shields     03/06/21       24/06/21

As we will not be returning to the club premises before January, ROC 1 and 2 competitions will accept DPI entries only and members will be able to enter up to 4 DPIs each using Photoentry. Judging will be conducted via Zoom for these competitions.
The format for further competitions will depend on the circumstances we find ourselves in as the season progresses and will be communicated to members when decisions are made.


  1. Judges will be contacted a month before the judging date and will be asked to choose their preferred judging method and whether they are prepared to accept print entries.

  2. Judging may be conducted:
    a.    at the club premises (if we have returned)
    b.    via a Zoom Link 
    c.    judges may submit written comments for the Competition Secretaries to read out.

  3. If the committee or the judge for a particular competition does not feel they are able to accept prints at that time, the number of DPI entries a member can make will, again, be increased to 4.

PHOTOENTRY will be open to accept DPI entries only for the 20-21 season from 1st August. The print entries will remain closed until we have spoken to the judge for each competition and then we will inform members of the judge’s decision and either open the print entries or increase the number of DPI entries allowed for that competition. 

NB: If the entry of prints to a competition is agreed, this will continue to be under review up until the competition date as any spike, local lockdown or change in the judge’s circumstances may mean that we need to reverse this decision. 
We continue to be optimistic about running the club competitions and hope that we can negotiate the challenges of the next club season safely and enjoyably for all.


Thank you for all your support and for your future entries to the Club competitions.