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Want to join us?

You may have a few questions before you take the plunge and join Reflex Camera Club. Here, we'll try to answer some of the common questions we get asked.  We are known as Bristol's friendly camera club, you'll be sure of a warm welcome. You can attend three meetings before committing to become a full member (you just pay £1 per evening, or £3 if it's a guest speaker evening). For this nominal amount you'll have a great evening.

Who can join?

Reflex Camera Club is open to all. We have a large and varied membership at present - male, female, old and young. Our members also use a mixture of cameras - Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Pentax, Sony, Olympus - DSLR and mirrorless too. We have plenty of novices, and many experienced at taking landscapes, portraits, macro, street, event, animal and even astro photographs.

At Reflex you are sure to find someone using a similar camera to yourself, and with an interest in the same genre.

When & Where do we meet?

We currently meet on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm.  Most weeks we meet at Wicklea Academy in St. Annes.  Some weeks are hosted on Zoom.  Our Programme page will give information of where we are meeting on any given week.

Wicklea Academy
Wick Road
St. Annes
Nr. Brislington
BS4 4HU (map)

Visiting and trying Reflex

If you are considering joining Reflex you are welcome to attend three meetings before committing to becoming a member. We ask you pay just £1 on these trial evenings to cover our basic costs.  (It's £3 for evenings when we have an external speaker).

How do I become a member?


For our sessions at Wicklea Academy, you are welcome to just come along.  If you'd like to be a guest at one of our Zoom sessions, please drop us an email at to either join or let us know that you'd like to attend as a guest.  We will then send you the Zoom meeting details and ensure we let you into the meeting.  A committee member will be able to drop you a membership form and answer any additional questions you may have.

If you do decide to join us you’ll be asked to fill in a short membership form for our records. The details you enter are kept electronically within a database to which only a couple of committee members have access.

What does it cost?

Annual membership is charged at £96 but payment is requested in three installments of £32 each.    This covers all costs in being a member and includes all entry fees that were previously paid on the door.  We need to charge this fee so the club is solvent in payable affiliated membership fees, Zoom account subscription and has money remaining to cover expenses for competition judges and fees for guest speakers.

Guests will continue to be charged on a weekly basis.  They can either pay this charge personally or it can be paid by the member who invited them.

When do I need to pay?


Our Treasurer will contact you in advance when membership is due.  Membership is currently charged in three installments of £32 each in September, January and April.  The communication from the Treasurer will also include bank details of how to make the payment.

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