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Competition Rules

(Revised September 2019).

There are four open competitions throughout the year, one themed competition, and the final shield competition.

  1. Members may enter up to three prints and/or three digital projected images in each round

  2. Prints and Projected Images are judged separately

  3. An image can only be entered into two open or themed competitions throughout the year. If given a place on both of these occasions the highest place will be recorded for the final competition, not both. If an image is entered on a third-occasion it will not be judged. The same name must be used both times. Members may alter the image following comments by the judge, but this is still classed as the same image, and can only be entered in one further competition, and must have the same name.

  4. Entries must be submitted no later than midnight on the closing date, but if you can enter earlier it will help the competition secretary

  5. The six competitions will be judged by external judges.

  6. Entrants are awarded places by the Judge as follows: First, Second, Third, Highly Commended and Commended. Points are awarded according to the scheme shown below.

  7. Images may be of any age as long as it is the work of the photographer.

  8. Any variation to these rules will be announced at club meetings and shown on the website

The Competition Secretary's decision is final, and s/he may:

  • Refuse to accept any entry that they consider does not comply with the spirit of these rules

  • Vary the rules in exceptional circumstances provided the spirit of the Club is not prejudiced

Print Photographer of the Year will be awarded to the entrant with most points in the print section

Digital Photographer of the Year will be awarded to the entrant with the most points in the projected images section

Photographer of the Year will be awarded to the entrant with the most accumulated points across both DPI and Print competitions.

Themed Round

  1. All rules of the open rounds still apply.

  2. The theme for each year will be decided by the competition secretary and approved by the committee.

  3. Your image should clearly reflect the theme set for the competition.

  4. Interpretation of the theme can be straightforward or as imaginative and creative as the photographer wishes and can be applied when you take the picture, edit it on a computer, or both.

  5. The judge will be asked to make the interpretation of the theme an important criteria when judging the images.

  6. Points awarded count towards print, projected image and overall Photographer of the Year.

John Hankin Shield (Prints) & Stan Scantlebury Shield (Projected Images)

  1. Only images that have been entered in the open or themed competition during the current season can be entered, including those that have been placed.

  2. First place print will be awarded the John Hankin Shield.

  3. First Place Digital projected image will be awarded the Stan Scantlebury Shield.

  4. No points will be awarded, and this competition does not count towards photographer of the year awards.

Points system

  1. Points will be awarded as follows:

  • First: 8 points

  • Second: 6 points

  • Third: 4 points

  • Highly Commended: 2 point

  • Commended: 1 point 


  1. Entries should be handed to the competition secretary by the closing date, as displayed on the website and in the programme

  2. Prints may be of any size but MUST be mounted on card which is exactly 50 x 40 cm.

  3. A digital file version of your print must be submitted by the deadline, via the PhotoEntry web application. Failure to do so will result in your Print entry being refused. Rules for DPI images apply as below. Please ensure you use the same name on your print and on the digital file, otherwise, the Print entry may be refused.

  4. Your Membership Number MUST be written on the back of your print in the top right-hand corner

  5. The Title of your entry MUST be written on the back of your print in the bottom right-hand corner

  6. All entries must be the work of the member. However, trade-processing of prints is permitted

Digital Projected Images

  1. The digital file must be submitted via the PhotoEntry web application

  2. The maximum resolution of the digital file should be 1600 x 1200, regardless of whether it is a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) image. Dimensions can be less than this, but too small can impact on the quality

  3. Colour profile/space must be sRGB.

  4. File should be jpeg (.JPG). The JPG should be saved at maximum quality (this is not a requirement but is in your own interests)

  5. A title MUST be provided for each entry The title is entered at the time of uploading the image to PhotoEntry

  6. If the image is not entered with these details, then your image may be altered automatically by software and not come out as you intend. Therefore it is in your interest to get the settings correctly.

Member's Photograph of the Year

  1. This competition is open to all club members whether you have entered any of the other competitions or not.

  2. Entries are submitted as normal (via PhotoEntry for both DPI and Print).

  3. Members can submit one digital photograph and/or one print.

  4. Prints but can be brought to the club on the night and these do not need to be mounted or framed.

  5. This does not count towards any other awards (eg Photographer of the Year)


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