How to get your own Gallery

If you are a member of Reflex Camera Club you can have your own Gallery on this website.

Here's how to do it.


  • Select up to 20 of your images that you feel best represent your photography

    • Resize the files as though for the clubs Digital Projected Image Competition (see our resize page for help).

    • Name the files with your name, photo title, and if you wish, a sequence number

  • Select 1 image that you want to use as the title image for your links & gallery. Resize and crop it to 150x150 pixels

  • Send all of the images as ATTACHMENTS via email to

    • Double check you've attached them and NOT pasted them into the email. Dragging and dropping them into the email is the same as cut & pasting them. It's no good I really do need them as attachments

    • If you have pasted them into the email I will NOT be able to use them as some email clients resize pasted images and reduce their quality

  • Don't forget to include the links (maximum of 4) you would like us to use for you. e.g. your Flickr, 500px, Facebook or website. You don't need to supply a link if you just want a Gallery. Likewise, you need to supply the images if you just want links to your Flickr, 500px etc.

  • You may make up to 3 changes to your images/links per year. This rule is at the discretion of the person updating the website and the final decision rests with them.


Optional: You may also include a small description for each image which will be shown underneath it when they are opened in the lightbox (happens when someone clicks on an image to see it larger) If you want to see an example of this go to this Gallery and click on any of the images to enter the lightbox. Once in the Lightbox you'll see a short description underneath the image.


We reserve the right to refuse to use images that we consider unsuitable.


Once I receive the email and if everything is fine with the images then within a few days you'll have your own Gallery & links on this site.