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About Us

We are a camera and photography club based in St. Annes, Bristol in the UK. We meet weekly throughout the year, hosting Guest and Club speakers, practical photography sessions and club competitions. 

We are known as Bristol's friendly camera club, backed up with over 30 members, which is welcome to all. Our facilities are second to none and wheelchair friendly.

Club Picture


Following the excellent portrait evening, we had a club picture taken for the first time for a few years.

This has been added to the slide deck gallery above.



ROC 3 Competition Results

Congratulations to Jo Gilbert who was awarded 1st place in the DPI section.

The winning image was titled 'Eagle Eyed'.

Congratulations to Kevin Spiers who was awarded 1st place in the prints section.

The winning image was titled 'Hverfjall Over Frozen Myvatn'.

The full list of results can be found here.


Reflex Camera Club wants to help you achieve your photography goals in 2024 and beyond

Join Reflex Camera Club, improve your photography and make new friends.

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