About us

We are a camera and photography club based in St. Annes, Bristol in the UK. We meet weekly throughout the year, hosting Guest and Club speakers, practical photography sessions and club competitions. 

We are known as Bristol's friendly camera club, backed up with over 50 members, which is welcome to all. Our facilities are second to none and wheelchair friendly.



The 2022 programme is in full swing with an exciting mix of practical sessions and guest speakers over Zoom.

Fancy joining us? Email us: reflexcc@gmail.com

Competition ROC 2

Congratulations to Jo Gilbert who won our Round 2 of our annual photography competition.  

The winning photograph was given the title of 'Riding The Wave'.

Committee for 2021/2

Congratulations to everyone who was successfully voted to the Reflex committee for the coming year.

Pictures and details of each persons role will be uploaded soon.